Nuclear Industry

Атомная промышленность

Nuclear Industry facilities are hazard areas and require continuous radiation monitoring. ATOMTEX developed highly sensitive handheld devices and adaptive radiation monitoring systems for this application. Furthermore we offer wide range of equipment for occupational external and internal exposure monitoring and labor radiation safety ensurance.

Dose measurement of γ-, x- and n-radiation in wide dose rate and energy range.
Radiometric measurement of α-, β-, γ- and n-radiation
Radiation monitors are high-responsive instruments for searching and detecting low activity materials and sources, as well as measurement ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate.

Automatic weighted mean energy calculation facilitates photon radiation average energy estimation when dose rate measurement is in progress.

Radiation monitor functionality can be expanded by adding natural, industrial and medical radionuclide identification option.
Photon radiation energy range 15 keV ... 10 MeV
Portable multifunctional wide-range instruments for X-ray and gamma radiation dosimetry of the following types:
▪ Continuous long-term radiation
▪ Continuous short-term radiation
▪ Pulse radiation [AT1123]
AТ1316 Whole body counter (WBC) is designed for express-monitoring and measuring of gamma-emitting radionuclides in human body, as well as for internal exposure dose estimation ("Sitting straight" geometry).
AТ1322 and AT1322/1 scintillation Whole Body Counters (WBC) are fixed instruments for measurement of 131I and 133I radionuclides content in human thyroid gland.

AТ2327 Alarm Dosimeter can be used for building a flexible and multichannel stationary system for radiation monitoring of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous sites, areas and facilities, as well as for radiation monitoring of ecological environment.

Alarm dosimeter is intended for radiation monitoring of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous areas and facilities.