Monitoring of raw materials and food

Контроль сырья и продуктов питания

Population health depends largely on radiation purity of food and drinking water. Radiation safety aspect of food production is actual nowadays. We are proud to bring our knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to the slowness of commercialization of food irradiation.


Highly sensitive scintillation gamma activity monitors of spectrometric type are designed for measuring volumetric (specific) activity of 131I, 134Cs, 137Cs, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th radionuclides in samples.


AT1135 Portable Radiometric Laboratory is a hand-carried measurement instrument of spectrometric type and is designed to determine relative activity of 134Cs, 137Cs and 40K gamma-emitting radionuclides in food products as well as in-situ measurement of ambient gamma radiation dose rate equivalent.