Metallurgical industry

Металлургическая промышленность

Building materials influence the radiation dose of human beings due to natural radioactive radionuclides. Radiation control of building materials is a matter of high priority for Building Materials Manufactures and Suppliers. We offer professional equipment for natural radioactive radionuclides ( K, Ra and Th) control under field and laboratory conditions in view of international safety standards.

Dose measurement of γ-, x- and n-radiation in wide dose rate and energy range.
Radiometric measurement of α-, β-, γ- and n-radiation
Portable high-sensitivity Radiation Monitors are designed to search for and detect sources of gamma radiation, measure ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta particle flux density from flat contaminated surfaces, as well as for radiometric monitoring of radionuclides in samples using 0.5-litre Marinelli beaker.
For radiometric radionuclide content monitoring in samples the following Monitor design variants are possible:
1) 137Cs monitoring
2) 137Cs and 134Cs + 137Cs monitoring
Portable high-sensitivity radiation monitor is designed for searching and detecting gamma radiation sources, measuring ambient equivalent power and gamma-radiation ambient dose equivalent, measuring beta-particles flux density from flat contaminated surfaces and surface activity measurement.

Automatic stationary solution for continuous radiation monitoring designed to detect sources of gamma and neutron radiation in vehicles crossing access control points.

Portable multifunctional radiation monitoring devices, primarily designed for search and detection of gamma radiation sources with automatic identification of radionuclide composition.

Can be used for area and land radiation monitoring with data GPS-referencing. АТ6102 model can detect neutron radiation and measure neutron count rate.
Compact device intended for gamma and X-radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate measurement, as well as for measurement of beta particle flux density on contaminated surfaces.
In search mode it measures count rate in counts per second.
  • w/o PC communication interface
  • with Bluetooth interface

Two channel scintillation gamma and beta spectrometer is designed for simultaneous and selective detection of the following:

  • Specific activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides and 90Sr in different samples
  • Specific effective activity of 40К, 226Ra, 232Th in construction materials

 Can be used for rapid radioactive purity determination of standardized sample heat of metal.