Environmental monitoring

Мониторинг окружающей среды

ATOMTEX developed state of the art instruments for safe environment ensurance, including high-technology equipment for waste control and geological exploration. Particularity of our instruments is covered by implementation of GPS positioning option, possibility of PC connection and scalable networking. Besides possibility to assess radioactivity level without sampling have already been implemented. We are ready to help you with upgrading of your equipment base.

Dose measurement of γ-, x- and n-radiation in wide dose rate and energy range.
Radiometric measurement of α-, β-, γ- and n-radiation
  • BDPS-02 Smart probe
  • PU Processing unit

General control of pollution by radioactive materials in impulse count rate mode

Radiation monitors are high-responsive instruments for searching and detecting low activity materials and sources, as well as measurement ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate.

Automatic weighted mean energy calculation facilitates photon radiation average energy estimation when dose rate measurement is in progress.

Radiation monitor functionality can be expanded by adding natural, industrial and medical radionuclide identification option.
Portable high-sensitivity Radiation Monitors are designed to search for and detect sources of gamma radiation, measure ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta particle flux density from flat contaminated surfaces, as well as for radiometric monitoring of radionuclides in samples using 0.5-litre Marinelli beaker.
For radiometric radionuclide content monitoring in samples the following Monitor design variants are possible:
1) 137Cs monitoring
2) 137Cs and 134Cs + 137Cs monitoring
Portable high-sensitivity radiation monitor is designed for searching and detecting gamma radiation sources, measuring ambient equivalent power and gamma-radiation ambient dose equivalent, measuring beta-particles flux density from flat contaminated surfaces and surface activity measurement.

AТ2327 Alarm Dosimeter can be used for building a flexible and multichannel stationary system for radiation monitoring of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous sites, areas and facilities, as well as for radiation monitoring of ecological environment.


AT6101C Spectrometer is designed for detection of radioactive sources and is an efficient tool for prevention of radiological terrorist threats and other unauthorized activities like illicit storage, use, transfer and traffic of radioactive substances and materials. Can also be used for radiation monitoring of areas, routes, isolated grounds, industrial sites and buildings with GPS-referencing of measurement data.