Customs and Border Control

Таможенный и пограничный контроль

Our instruments are designed to assist customs agents in combating the illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials across the borders. Work of R&D department is keyed to international guidance of emergency preparedness and response. We are aimed to protect people and from harmful radiation exposure, terrorist or other malicious acts.

Unique highly-sensitive devise for measuring radiation exposure on crystalline lens, mucus membranes and skin.
Measures directed dose equivalent rate of continuous X-ray radiation with energy from 5 keV.
  • BDPS-02 Smart probe
  • PU Processing unit

General control of pollution by radioactive materials in impulse count rate mode

Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) is a compact instrument for rapid detection of radiation materials and sources with natural, medical, industrial radionuclide identification function.

Stationary pedestrian radiation monitor is designed to detect gamma radiation sources continuously and automatically in a stream of people crossing borders of secure facilities.


Automatic stationary solution for continuous radiation monitoring designed to detect sources of gamma and neutron radiation in vehicles crossing access control points.


AТ6101 and AT6101B Portable multifunction scintillation gamma spectrometers can be used in laboratories as well as for working in field conditions. Main spectrometer function is radionuclide identification (natural, medical, industrial) without connection to a PC. Additional functionality: search and detection of radioactivity sources and dose rate measurement.


AT6101C Spectrometer is designed for detection of radioactive sources and is an efficient tool for prevention of radiological terrorist threats and other unauthorized activities like illicit storage, use, transfer and traffic of radioactive substances and materials. Can also be used for radiation monitoring of areas, routes, isolated grounds, industrial sites and buildings with GPS-referencing of measurement data.