XIV International conference on "Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry"

ATOMTEX took part in XIV International conference on "Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry", held in Moscow in 4 – 6 October 2017. Representatives from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Ukraine attended the event.
Main goal of the conference was to exchange experience of specialists working in the field of nuclear and related industries.
The following issues such as the development and use of equipment, software, methodological and metrological support of ionizing radiation measurements, accounting of nuclear materials control, control of technological processes at NPPs and facilities of State Corporation "Rosatom", radioecological monitoring, radiation monitoring and environment protection, radiation portal monitors and units, research studies implementing nuclear-physical analysis methods, legal aspects of radiation safety, human resource potential of nuclear industry development, and many other important issues were discussed at the conference.
Our company presented 9 reports on relevant topics, which aroused great participants' interest: "Alpha-beta activity monitor based on phoswich detector", "Upgrading the portable multifunctional АТ1117M Radiation monitor", "Automated calibration facilities for metrology of ionizing radiation", "Radiation sensors for use in unmanned aero-gamma survey systems", "Modern technologies and devices for nuclear instrument measurements", "Standalone automated system for radiation monitoring of environment", "Metrology support of gamma radiation dosimetry with energy up to 10 MeV for radiation protection instruments", "Metrology support of photon radiation fields with dose rates from 0.03 μSv/h by comparator units", "Influence of detection device penetration depth into active layer of bottom sediments on accuracy of AT6104DM Immersion Spectrometer".


The spirit of conference was very businesslike and warm, as usual.
ATOMTEX highly appreciates efforts of "ECOSPHERE" company from Moscow, which hosted the conference, as well as of organizing committee chairman for superb holding of this forum.
XV International meeting is planned to be held in Kazan, Russia, in 2019.