The International scientific and technological conference "EXTREME ROBOTICS" was held in St. Petersburg on 2-3 November 2017. The event gathered the world's leading experts, young scientists in the field of robotics, postgraduates and students of major technical universities.

As before, the conference offered the formats of plenary sessions, breakout sessions, discussions, round tables devoted to current problems and challenges in the field of robotic systems and security equipment.

The conference covered relevant issues of creating next generation robotic systems for application in extreme conditions and emergency situations. They included tasks of combating terrorism, firefighting and defense, exploration of outer space and World Ocean, as well as developments in medicine, nuclear energy and hazardous industries.

Valery Kozhemyakin, director of ATOMTEX SPE, visited this event and presented his extensive report "Gamma radiation detection units for use in remote-controlled unmanned radiation monitoring facilities", which aroused great interest among the participants of the conference.