AT130 Gamma Beam Irradiator with Calibration Bench

Reference gamma beam irradiator with calibration bench is designed to simulate and transmit air kerma, exposure dose, individual dose equivalent and dose equivalent units and their respective rates into working standards and measurement instruments during verification, calibration and test procedures.

Control area (Operator room)
Metrology support of gamma dosimetric measurements
▪ Verification and calibration in metrology service facilities
▪ Calibration procedures in Secondary Standard Dosimeter Laboratories (SSDL)
▪ Calibration of measurement instruments in the process of development, manufacturing and production
▪ Applied metrology
▪ Typical collimating unit according to GOST 8.087.2000
▪ Revolving drum magazine with chambers for 6 sources
▪ Software control of sources travel from exposure position to storage position
▪ Programmable control of moving plate positioning in fully automatic or manual mode
▪ ϕ and Z servo motors are used for positioning sources inside irradiator, and servomotor Х is used for actuation of moving platform
▪ Control system based on personal computer and operator panel with automatic calibration functions
▪ Lasers and calibrated gauge bars are used for detector centring in radiation beam
▪ Readouts are taken using video surveillance system or instrument interface
▪ Meteorological meter on moving platform
▪ Intercom system for operator communication in working chamber and control room
▪ Three power outlets (230 VAC, 50 Hz) with insulated neutral on moving platform for verified instruments
▪ Available alarm and interlocks system ensures safety
▪ Measurement of radiation environment in working chamber and adjacent rooms
▪ Video surveillance of room with working chamber
▪ Safe braking and trip limiting of moving platform
▪ Emergency power source is available
▪ Loading of sources into Facility using transfer device, transfer container and accessories
▪ Layout design and calculation of radiation parameters for client's premises
Operating principle
Operation of Facility is based on use of 137Cs radionuclide sources and optional 60Co and 241Am radionuclide sources.
Facility implements irradiation pattern with fixed irradiator and calibration bench on linear travelling platform.
The range of gamma radiation dose rate values is achieved by use of 137Cs sources of different activities and varying the "source–detector" distance. Field shape can be changed by varying the distance between source and detector or diameter of collimator channel.
Automatic functions of irradiator and combination bench are remotely controlled from operator room.



Gamma radiation sources,

maximum activity

137Cs – 9.6·1013 Bq (2600 Ci)

60Cо – 7.2·109 Bq (0.2 Ci)

241Am – 1.6·1010 Bq (0.4 Ci)

Generated ranges


- Air kerma rate

0.36 µGy/h – 48.6 Gy/h

- Exposure dose rate

40 µR/h – 5540 R/h

- Ambient dose equivalent rate, Individual dose equivalent rate

0.42 µSv/h – 58 Sv/h

Intrinsic relative error 
for certification as a working standard 
of 1-st category (2-nd category)
  ±2.5% (±5%) [Air kerma rate and exposure dose rate]
±4.5% (±7%) [Ambient dose equivalent rate and individual dose equivalent rate]


Collimator channel

Ø60 mm/Ø90 mm, length 150 mm

Radiation beam axis height from floor level

(1500±30) mm

Working distances interval R

0.3 – 7 m

Diameter of uniform radiation field at R=1 m

(Non-uniformity ±3%)


- For Ø60 mm collimator

160 mm

- For Ø90 mm collimator

260 mm

Time of source transfer into operational position

20 s

Radiation background at 1 m distance from irradiator in storage position

0.6 µSv/h

Reproducibility of moving platform position on Х coordinate

<0,5 mm

Absolute error of detector position in radiation field


Speed of platform travel

0.9 mm/s – 26 cm/s

Travel range of platform workbench:


- Vertically from floor level

1140 – 1480 mm

- Horizontally


- Along radiation beam axis

±50 mm

Across radiation beam axis

±140 mm

- About vertical axis with 15° steps


Weight of equipment on:


- Workbench

35 kg

- Travelling platform

75 kg

Initialisation time

1 min

Continuous run time

24 h

Power supply

(230 ±23) V, (50±1) Hz

Power consumption



1000 VA

Auxiliary equipment

400 VA

Operation temperature range

15°С – 35°С

Relative air humidity


Dimensions and weight, maximum



640х640х1950 mm; 1370 kg

Base frame of calibration bench

Up to 8000х860х220 mm; 135 kg

Moving platform

910х855х1820 mm; 70 kg


270х330 mm

Control equipment (Area, weight)

3500х1500 mm; 150 kg

Transfer device

1250х765х1330 mm; 200 kg

Transfer container

270х409 mm; 200 kg

Dimensions of working chamber room, minimum)

10х5х3.5 m


Design and specifications are subject to change

Complete set
▪ Remotely-controlled irradiator:
- Irradiator
- Control unit, control panel
- Accessories including source holders and tools for source holder assembling, transfer container and lift
▪ Calibration bench:
- Base frame
- Moving platform
- Video surveillance system for measurements
- Laser targeting system
- Intercom system
- Accessory set for unit performance monitoring
- Accessory set with clamps for attaching instruments to working table and 300х300х150 mm phantom
▪ AC power adapter
▪ Uninterrupted power supply
▪ Alarm and interlock system
▪ Radiation monitoring service
▪ Video surveillance system
▪ Accessories kit
▪ Spare parts kit
▪ "UDG software solution"
▪ Desktop computer
▪ Transfer device
▪ User's manual
▪ Optional АТ5350/1 standard dosimeter (Basic error not more than ±3%) can be included into delivery set
Laboratory corresponds to the following regulations:
GOST R 8.804-2012 (State verification schedule)
GOST 8.087-2000 (Dosimetric installations. Methods of verification)
GOST 27451-87 (Ionizing radiation measuring means)
GOST 12.2.091-2012 (IEC 61010-1:2001) (Safety requirements)
GOST R 51522.1-2011 (IEC 61326-1:2005) (Electromagnetic compatibility)
NP-038-11 (Safety of radiation sources)
SanPiN (Radiation safety of powerful isotope plants)
Facility is listed in national registry of measurement instruments of Russian Federation (Certificate No. 44761-15 in State Register of approved measuring instruments of Russian Federation)


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