Handheld X-RAY scanner of buried cavities Watson

Handheld x-ray scanner of buried cavities to search and detect smuggled weapon and drugs and hiding places in rooms.
  • Handheld design
  • High-speed inspection
  • Absolute and relative scanning modes
  • Radiation safety
  • Miniature x-ray tube as a x-ray radiation generator
  • One-way inspection
  • Wide dynamic range providing organic and inorganic material detecting

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101000 Moscow, Russia
tel/fax: +7-495 9246682, 9253318
e-mail: flashel@flashel.ru
Maximum barrier thickness to detect an object of 20x20x20 mm and 0.5-2 g/cm 3 density  
wood 45 mm
aluminium 10 mm
steel 1.5 mm
Maximum inspection depth 300 mm
Operation mode setup time 10 s
Scanning rate 10 cm/c
Detector, scintillation CsI(Tl) ø20x10 mm
X-ray detection in the energy range 30 - 80 keV
Sensitivity in the energy range from 30 to 60 keV 10 cps/µR·h -1
Detecting quanta count rate measurement range from 10 to 9990 cnt/s
Operating temperature range -20°C - +50°C
Relative air humidity at 25°C 80 %
Protection class IP54
scanner 2.1 kg
waist accumulator (2 Ah) 1.1 kg
waist accumulator (4 Ah) 2.2 kg
scanner 300x74x164 mm