AT6103 Mobile Radiation Scanning System

Mobile system is designed for ground radiation survey and search for gamma and neutron radiation sources with GPS-mapping.
The system can be mounted on a motor vehicle, marine vessel or aircraft carrier with no need for any special tools.
The system need no connection to on-board power of the carrier, though can be controlled and managed by operator as well.


System configuration

▪ Set of monitors (1– 6)
▪ Tablet PC
▪ Accessories kit
▪ Software
Each monitor has 1 - 3 integrated smart probes.
Number of monitors and smart probes in each monitor can be selected by user.
System scalability in terms of monitors allows gamma and neutron radiation response control over a wide range.


▪ Identification and assessment of land and facility radiation environment from vehicle, helicopter, etc.
▪ Mapping of radiation levels and density of surface contamination by 137Cs
▪ Search of lost radioactive sources
▪ Traffic control of radioactive substances and materials
▪ Public events radiation safety control
▪ Detection of radioactive anomalies
▪ Monitoring of nuclear incident consequences at Nuclear Power Plants
▪ Discover facts and effects of nuclear weapon testing or use


▪ User-selectable set of monitors and detection units
▪ High system scalability in terms of sensitivity to gamma and neutron radiation
▪ Automatic simultaneous gamma and neutron radiation scanning
▪ Search and detection of radioactive sources and real-time identification of its isotopic composition
▪ Automatic accommodation to change of radiation background level
▪ Simultaneous measurement of gamma radiation spectral distribution and dose rate
▪ Dosimetric scanning in wide dose rate range of gamma radiation (up to 10 Sv/h); readout conversion to 137Cs surface activity
▪ Scanning data are constantly recorded for further analysis
▪ Expert “GARM” software for data processing and analysis
▪ Built-in GPS receiver with connector for external GPS antenna
▪ Storage and operation in protective shock-resistant cases

Operation principle

The system operates in continuous radiation environment scan mode: continuous search, detection, localization and identification of gamma sources; search and discovery of neutron radiation.
The system is controlled by one rugged 10" tablet PC.
All monitors connect to tablet PC by BT-DU3 adapter using wireless channel.
When radioactive source is detected the system activates alarm and identifies its radionuclide composition.
Types of identified radionuclides are displayed on tablet PC screen and operator hears a corresponding voice message in a wireless headset.
Measurement results are continuously transmitted into tablet PC for subsequent processing by PC and can be plotted onto a map using "GARM" application software tools.
"GARM" application software performs automatic data transfer to a remote server (Over FTP server and if PC has a 3G communication function or can be connected to a Wi-Fi network).
The complex provides the user with uniform and consolidated measurement data regardless of type and number of monitors: Uniform gamma radiation spectrum, uniform flow of instantaneous gamma radiation impulses for detection of radiation source, unified gamma radiation dose rate and its statistical error.

System functions
▪ Measurement of gamma radiation energy distribution
▪ Measurement of gamma radiation dose rate and assessment of density of surface contamination by 137Cs (kBq/m2, Ci/km2)
▪ Count rate measurement of neutron radiation impulses
▪ Consolidation of measurement information in a single data flow
▪ Detection of gamma and neutron radiation sources
▪ Radionuclide identification
▪ Logging of all measurement results and processing in application software
▪ Isoline contouring by selected parameter
▪ All data can be displayed on a terrain map



1) Tablet Computer

▪ Algiz 10X-PO1
▪ Algiz 10X-PO2 [3G modem] (option)
(Algiz 10X Tablet PC can be replaced by another Tablet PC with similar specifications)

2) Gamma radiation and neutron radiation monitor (1 – 6 units)
▪ BDKG-11М gamma radiation detection unit (1 – 3 units)
▪ BDKG-19М gamma radiation detection unit (1 – 3 units)
▪ BDKN-05 neutron radiation detection unit (1 – 2 units)
▪ BDKG-04 gamma radiation detection unit (1 unit)
▪ BT-DU3 adapter and cables
▪ Operating case

3) Highly sensitive neutron radiation monitor (1 - 5 units)
▪ BDKN-05 neutron radiation detection unit (1 – 3 units)
▪ BT-DU3 adapter and cables
▪ Operating case

4) Highly sensitive gamma radiation monitor (1 - 6 units)
▪ BDKG-28 gamma radiation detection unit (1 – 3 units)
▪ BT-DU3 adapter and cables
▪ Operating case

5) Highly sensitive gamma radiation counting monitor (1 - 6 units)
▪ BDRM-05 gamma radiation counting detection unit (1 – 2 units)
▪ BT-DU3 adapter and cables
▪ Operating case

6) Accessories (option)
▪ AC adapter, check sample, USB cable, RS232 cable, wired headphone, wireless headphone, battery of increased capacity for Tablet PC, car charger, car holder, car dock station and external GPS antenna
▪ Operating case

7) Documentation / Software
▪ User's manual
▪ "AT6103" software with Software User's Manual
▪ "GARM" software with Software User's Manual
▪ "ARMS" software with Software User's Manual (option)



1) Number and type of system's monitors has to be noted in order

2) The system may comprise only one BDKG-04 detection unit

3) The number of monitors cannot exceed 6 units

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