Contamination Monitors

  • BDPS-02 Smart probe
  • PU Processing unit

General control of pollution by radioactive materials in impulse count rate mode

This radiation monitor configuration can be used to:
- Measure flux density and surface activity of 239Pu alpha particles with BDPA-02 / BDPA-03
- Measure beta flux density and surface activity of 90Sr+90Y with BDPB-02 / BDPB-03.
PU2 processing unit features integrated detection module, allowing in situ measurement of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent dose and ambient dose equivalent rate.
Portable high-sensitivity radiation monitor is designed for searching and detecting gamma radiation sources, measuring ambient equivalent power and gamma-radiation ambient dose equivalent, measuring beta-particles flux density from flat contaminated surfaces and surface activity measurement.
Compact device intended for gamma and X-radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate measurement, as well as for measurement of beta particle flux density on contaminated surfaces.
In search mode it measures count rate in counts per second.
  • w/o PC communication interface
  • with Bluetooth interface