AT2327 Alarm dosimeter (Pedestrian radiation monitors)

Stationary two-channel Pedestrian radiation monitor (PRM) is designed for continuous and automatic detection of gamma and neutron radiation sources in a stream of people crossing borders of secured facilities.
PRM without neutron channel is available as an option.
Operating principle
PRM is based on smart gamma and neutron detection units.
PRM automatically activates natural gamma background measurement mode after power on. This measurement value is used to calculate and set the threshold gamma radiation level – alarm level.
When a pedestrian crosses the control zone line PRM switches into continuous gamma radiation measurement mode with count rate calculation where it compares the measured values to alarm threshold level and detects whether the neutron radiation is present/absent. When one of the pre-set alarm thresholds level is exceeded the sound and light (red) alarm triggers to inform staff (security) that a gamma or neutron radiation source is detected.
Multiple PRMs (up to 32) can be joined into a radiation monitoring network controlled by dedicated software on personal computer. In this case the personal computer displays status of each PRM, its location on monitored site plan, keeps alarm records and logs. Video recorder allows logging of monitored site video frames.

▪ Radiation monitoring of pedestrians walking in front of PRM:
- In public places and institutions
- In airports, bus terminals, railway and underground stations
- At entry/exit of nuclear industry objects
- In border control and customs clearance points
▪ Fast 2-second response when background level is exceeded:
- by 0.05 µSv/h (BDKG-11/1)
- by 0.03 µSv/h (BDKG-19)
- by 0.04 µSv/h (BDKG-35)
- by 0.01 µSv/h (BDRM-05)
▪ Rapid accommodation to radiation background change
▪ Activation of sound and light alarm when a gamma and/or neutron radiation is detected
▪ Multiple pedestrian radiation monitors can be joined into a network controlled by dedicated software on personal computer
▪ Mobility and safely lane capability
▪ Component self-testing during operation
▪ Continuous and occasional radiation monitoring
▪ 230V-50Hz mains/integrated battery operation
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