AT2503 and AT2503A Personal Dosimeters

Pocket-size intelligent devices, ideally matching accuracy, functionality, user friendliness, reliability and price.
Dosimeter with reader, which is connected to PC, and software suite make an efficient automatic system for staff radiation exposure monitoring.

Operating principle
Primary dosimeter function is to measure Hp(10) individual dose equivalent, and the secondary one is to measure Hp(10) individual dose equivalent rate of X-ray and gamma radiation. Geiger-Muller counter tube with energy compensating filter is used as a detector.
Intrinsic background metering and microprocessor processing provides high measurement accuracy.
Microprocessor control of operation mode management, processing, display on TFT screen and self-check function.
Integrated non-volatile memory allows recording and saving in deenergised state all accumulated dose data and dose accumulation history.

  • Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
  • Nuclear industry
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiology
  • Emergency situations
  • Civil aviation
  • Research activities
  • Dose monitoring of population
  • Simultaneous measuring of Hp(10) individual dose equivalent and Hp(10) individual dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation
  • Autocompensation of intrinsic detector background
  • Resistance to impacts and vibration, dust-and-moisture-proof, tolerance to electromagnetic interference
  • Constant detector self-check and battery level monitoring
  • Sound and LED alarm
  • Alarm mode for pulsed X-radiation detection with pulse length 10 ns and more (option)
  • Can be integrated into a system or used separately
  • Low weight and small size
  • Calibrated with water phantom ISO 30x30x15 cm
  • Dosimeter-to-PC communication via IR-transmitter in reader 
AT2503 and AT2503A  Personal Dosimeters meet International standard requirements:
IEC 61526:2005 (confirmed by tests IAEA-EURADOS, IAEA-TECDOC-1564) 
Safety standard requirements: IEC 61010-1:1990
EMC requirements: EN 55022:1998+А1:2000+А2:2003, EN 55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003,
IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IEC 61000-4-3:2008
AT2503 and AT2503A  Personal Dosimeters have the pattern approval certificates of Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Typical dependences

Standard energy sensitivity relationship
respect to 137Cs gamma radiation
energy of 662 keV
Standard dosimeter anisotropy
for vertical position on the phantom
1 – 241Am; 2 – 137Cs; 3 – 60Co
Detector Geiger-Muller counter tube
Measurement range for:  
     Individual dose equivalent  
          AT2503, AT2503A 1 µSv...10 Sv
     Individual dose equivalent rate  
          AT2503 0.1 µSv/h....0.5 Sv/h
          AT2503A 0.1 µSv/h...0.1 Sv/h
Intrinsic relative error for:  
     Dose measurement ±(15+Ḣp(10)/50)%,
where Ḣp(10) is dose rate in mSv/h
     Dose rate measurement ±(15+3.5·10-3/Ḣp(10)+Ḣp(10)/50)%,
where Ḣp(10) is dose rate in mSv/h
Calibration error for 137Cs ±5%
Energy range 50 keV...1.5 MeV
Sensitivity energy dependence ±30%
relating to 662 keV energy  
Alarm thresholds 1 of 8 independent dose thresholds,
  1 of 8 independent dose rate thresholds
Anisotropy in angular spacing ±75°  
     For 137Cs and 60Co ±20%
     For 241Am ±50%
Response time for dose rate measurement 5 s
(When dose rate is greater than 10 µSv/h)  
Radiation overloading  
     AT2503 ≤5 Sv/h
     AT2503A ≤1 Sv/h
Power 3 x SR44 type batteries
  with nominal voltage 1.5 V
Continuous run time  
     In normal conditions ≥1000 h
     In economy mode ≥5000 h
Working temperature range -10°C...+40°C
Relative air humidity with temperature ≤35°C ≤90%
without moisture condensation  
Drop protection From ≤1.5 m to hard surface
Protection class IP54
Connection to PC USB or RS232
Overall dimensions 85x46x16 mm
Weight 70 g

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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