AT2140 Dosemeter

Compact energy efficient device to measure ambient dose equivalent rate and continuous dose of gamma radiation.

The dosemeter can be used by radiation safety agencies for radiation monitoring or by inexperienced people concerned with radiation background level in their place of work, residence and recreation, as well as for educational purposes.

Operating Principle
Device operating principle is based on the process of count rate measurement of impulses, generated in Geiger-Muller counter tube under the influence of radiation. Count rate is converted automatically into measurable physical values throughout the range.
Dosemeters allow selecting one of eight pre-set dose rate and dose threshold levels.
Energy compensating filter facilitates energy dependence correction of sensibility in entire energy range of gamma radiation. Microprocessorbased unit is responsible for controlling the Dosemeter operating modes, calculations, storing and displaying measurement results and for selfchecking function.

  • Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
  • Civil protection
  • Radioecology
  • Fire-fighting service
  • Dosimetric monitoring in manufacturing facilities, health care and other institutions
  • Educational institutions

  • Unique combination of efficiency, response and usability
  • Hours of continuous operation on one set of batteries: 5,000 h
  • Indication of battery status and main units fault condition
  • Autocompensation of intrinsic detector background
  • Quick response to changes in radiation level
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Simultaneous dose rate and dose measuring
  • Automatic calculation of measurement statistical error
  • Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level is exceeded for dose and dose rate
  • Night time and low light operation is possible





Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate indication range

0.01 μSv/h ... 10 mSv/h

Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate measurement range

0.1 μSv/h ... 10 mSv/h

Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent indication range

0.01 μSv ... 9.99 Sv

Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent measurement range

0.1 μSv ... 1.99 Sv

Intrinsic relative error of gamma radiation dose rate and dose measurement

±15% max.

Calibration error

±5% max.

Sensitivity to 137Cs gamma radiation

1.8 cps/μSv·h-1

Gamma radiation energy range

50 keV ... 3 MeV

Energy dependence relative to 662 keV (137Cs)

±30% max.

Anisotropy in angular spacing ±60°


For 137Cs and 60Co


For 241Am


Response time for dose rate measurement (For dose rate greater than 1 μSv/h)

10 s

Radiation overloading

Dosimeter withstands 100-fold rise of dose rate measurement upper range limit with readings not lower than maximum

Total operation time with one battery pack in natural radiation background conditions

5,000 h

Working temperature range

-20°C ... +50°C

Relative air humidity with temperature 35°С and below without moisture condensation


Protection class



2 x AA-size batteries or 2 x AA-size rechargeable cells with nominal voltage 1.2V

Overall dimensions, weight (w/o batteries)

111x70x28mm, 0.11kg

Dosemeters conform to IEC 60846-1:2009 requirement, as well as IEC 61010-1:1990 electrical safety norms and IEC 61000-4-2:2008 & IEC 61000-4-3-2008 EMC requirements.
Radio interference level of Dosemeters does not exceed EN 55011-2007 rates.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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