AT1117M Radiation Monitor

Dose measurement of γ-, x- and n-radiation in wide dose rate and energy range.
Radiometric measurement of α-, β-, γ- and n-radiation
Portable combined multi-purpose instrument, which can be equipped with different external detection units for various applications as applicable.
Depending on available set of detection units the radiation monitor can be used for measurement of:
▪Ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate of X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation;
▪ Air kerma and air kerma rate;
▪ Directed dose equivalent and directed dose equivalent rate of X-ray and gamma radiation;
▪ Flux density and fluence of 239Pu α-and β-particles from contaminated surfaces;
▪ Flux density and fluence of neutron radiation with known energy distribution;
▪ Surface activity and number of decays of 239Pu and 90Sr + 90Y;
▪ On-line search for sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials.
Processing unit (PU/PU2), hand-held PC or desktop computer can be used for operation and indication.

1) PU / PU2
Detection unit sends data over dedicated communication cable to processing unit, where the data is displayed on LCD screen.
PU and PU2 has recording and memory option for up to 99 measurement results, which can further be uploaded to a PC via dedicated application software. Sound and visual alarms activate in case user-adjustable threshold levels are exceeded.
Operation algorithm provides measurement continuity and real-time statistical processing of measurement results. PU and PU2 units feature integrated detection modules, allowing in situ dose and
dose rate measurement of gamma radiation.
2) Personal computer
“Atexch" software with dedicated kit for connection (option) provides the following:
▪ Indication of dose and radiation measurement values, as well as writing into file and reading previously stored data
▪ Response when measured value thresholds are exceeded
▪ Error indication by instrument, message analysis and display in case of error conditions
▪ Multiple instances of program can be run in case more than one instrument is connected to different PC ports.

3) Hand-held PC
Data transfer from detection unit to HPC can be realised over Bluetooth (BT-DU4 Interface adapter) or cable.
Hand-help PC can virtually replace PU/PU2 in terms of functions (There is a built-in detector inside HPC), and offers some advanced features:
▪ GPS referencing of measurement results
▪ Automatic recording and storing over 10,000 measurements with GPS referencing
▪ Charge indication for HPC and Interface adapter batteries
▪ Loading data to PC for further analysis and processing by professional GARM software (Option)
▪ Automatic data transfer to a remote server by "ARMS" software [Via FTP server; 3G modem or Wi-Fi module shall be available on HPC] (Option).
▪ Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
▪ Radiation monitoring during decontamination operations
▪ Radioecology
▪ Sanitary and epidemiological inspection
▪ Nuclear industry
▪ Emergency rescue service
▪ Civil protection
▪ Research activities
▪ Customs control
▪ Search X-ray apparatus
▪ Multiple functions
▪ High sensitivity and wide measurement range
▪ Quick accommodation to changes in radiation level
▪ Search for X-ray, gamma, alpha, beta and neutron radiation sources
▪ Search for X-ray, gamma, alpha, beta and neutron radiation sources
▪ Compensation of intrinsic Geiger-Muller counter tubes background
▪ Wide choice of accessories: Telescopic bars, tripods, alarm units, sealed containers, etc.

Remote measurements
▪ Detection unit (BDKG-01, BDKG-03, BDKG-04, BDKG-05, BDKG-17, BDKG-24, BDKG-30, BDKG-32, BDKR-01, BDPA-01, BDPA-02, BDPA-03, BDPB-01, BDPB-02, BDPB-03)
▪ PU(PU2) / HPC
▪ Telescopic bar (1.7 m/3.2 m)
▪ Holder (For attaching detection unit to telescopic bar)
▪ Holder (For attaching PU2/HPC to telescopic bar)
▪ Cable

Handle for ease of measurement
▪ Detection unit (except BDKN-05)
▪ PU2
▪ Handle (For attaching PU2 to smart probe)
▪ Cable

Measurements with GPS-mapping
▪ Handheld PC
▪ Detection unit (any)
▪ BT-DU4 Adapter
▪ Handle

Neutron dosimeter
▪ BDKN-03
▪ PU2 / HPC with BT-DU4 adapter
▪ Cable
▪ Holder (For attaching PU2 to BDKN-03)

General control of pollution by radioactive materials in impulse count rate mode
▪ BDPS-02
▪ PU
▪ Cable

Monitoring of hand and coat contamination by alpha/beta particles
▪ Detection unit (BDPA-02, BDPA-03, BDPB-02, BDPB-02)
▪ PU2
▪ Wall bracket
▪ Cable

Transportable dosimetric monitoring stations
▪ Detection unit (except BDKN-05)
▪ PU2 / HPC with BT-DU4 adapter
▪ Cable
▪ Tripod
▪ Mounting bracket (For mounting detection unit and PU2/Handheld PC on the bar)

Alarm units operation
▪ PU/PU2
▪ Detection unit (any)
▪ Alarm unit (With horizontal or vertical mounting bracket)
▪ Cables

Measurements in water, wells, etc.
▪ Detection unit (BDKG-01, BDKG-03, BDKG-04,  BDKG-05, BDKG-17, BDKG-24, BDKG-30)
▪ PU/PU2
▪ Cable (Up to 30 m)
▪ Wire cable
▪ Cable spool
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