AT6101, AT6101B Spectrometers

AТ6101 and AT6101B Portable multifunction scintillation gamma spectrometers can be used in laboratories as well as for working in field conditions. Main spectrometer function is radionuclide identification (natural, medical, industrial) without connection to a PC. Additional functionality: search and detection of radioactivity sources and dose rate measurement.


Spectrometers are composed of an external spectrometric gamma radiation detection unit and a processing unit.

Highly-sensible scintillation NaI(Tl) detectors are used for measurement of gamma radiation energy distribution, ambient gamma radiation dose rate equivalent, search and identification of radionuclides. Geiger-Muller counter tube, integrated into the processing unit, is used to extend the range of ambient gamma radiation dose rate measurement as well as to monitor radiation level around the operator.

External detection units can be connected to the spectrometer to measure alpha and beta particles flux density of contaminated surfaces.


  • Monitoring of environment
  • Radioactive waste control
  • Radioactive sources and materials traffic control
  • Scrap metal radiation monitoring on factories
  • Nuclear industry
  • Geological survey
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Research activities
  • Emergency situations


  • Smart probes
  • Spectrometric dose rate measurement method with "Spectrum-Dose" transformation operator
  • Gamma radiation dose rate measurement and alpha and beta radiation flux density measurement with automatic background subtraction
  • Automatic continuous LED stabilisation of the spectrometer energy scale
  • Spectrometric path temperature compensation by integrated temperature probe
  • Sound and LED alarm
  • Recording and storing in memory up to 300 spectra

Spectrometers have the pattern approval certificates of Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


Dose equivalent rate
Detection and localization of gamma radiation sources 
Spectrum processing

Radionuclide identification



     AT6101 (BDKG-05)

Scintillator, NaI(Tl) Ø40x40 mm

     AT6101B (BDKG-11)

Scintillator, NaI(Tl) Ø63x63 mm

     Processing unit

Geiger-Muller counter tube

Gamma radiation energy range

20 keV...3 MeV

Radionuclide identification

Industrial, Natural, Medical

Individual order:

Library of identified radionuclides can be corrected

Typical resolution at 662 keV (137Cs)

7.5% (BDKG-05)

8% (BDKG-11)

Maximum input statistical load

≥5·104 s-1

Integral nonlinearity

±1% max.

Detection time of Cs source with 50 Bq activity at a distance of 20 cm

<2 s


Sensitivity to gamma radiation



6000 cps/μSv·h-1 (BDKG-05)

13500 cps/μSv·h-1 (BDKG-11)


760 cps/μSv·h-1 (BDKG-05)

2200 cps/μSv·h-1 (BDKG-11)


400 cps/μSv·h-1 (BDKG-05)

1200 cps/μSv·h-1 (BDKG-11)

Measurement range of ambient radiation dose rate equivalent

0.01...300 μSv/h (BDKG-05)

0.01...100 μSv/h (BDKG-11)

1 μSv/h...10 mSv/h (Processing unit)

Energy dependence relative to 662 keV (137Cs)


     BDKG-05, BDKG-11

(in 50 keV...3 MeV energy range)

     Processing unit

(in 60 keV...3 MeV energy range)

Flux density measurement range


     Alpha particles from the surface (BDPA-01)

0.5...1·105 particle/(min·cm2)
(in 4...7 MeV energy range)

     Beta particles from the surface (BDPB-01)

3...5·105 particle/(min·cm2)
(in 155 keV...3.5 MeV energy range)

Intrinsic relative error of gamma radiation dose rate and flux density measurement

±20% max.

Number of ADC channels


Continuous run time

≥12 h

Measurement instability during continuous service

±5% max.

Operation mode setup time

≤1 min

Protection class


Power supply

Internal battery

Working temperature range


Relative humidity with air temperature 35°C without condensation


Overall dimensions, weight



Ø62x320 mm, 1.2 kg


Ø78x350 mm, 1.9 kg


Ø85x200 mm, 0.5 kg


Ø85x205 mm, 0.55 kg

     Processing unit

110x230x38 mm, 0.8 kg

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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