BDKG‑26 Gamma radiation smart probe (Spectrometric)

BDKG-26 smart probe can be connected to personal computer and used for complete various spectrometric and radiation control tasks

Dedicated software monitors and controls smart probe operation, logs and displays all measurement data on PC screen.

Instrument spectra are processed into ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate values and identified radionuclide composition, specific activity value of identified radionuclies (when used in known geometry).


  • Monitoring of slightest changes in radiation background
  • Instruments and systems for radionuclide activity measurement in environmental samples
  • Mobile systems for monitoring and detecting of gamma-radiating objects


  • Smart detection probes
  • High sensitivity
  • Multiple options of connection interfaces and power sources



NaI(Tl) Ø200х200 mm

Energy range

50 keV ... 3 MeV

Typical resolution at 662 keV (137Cs)


Burn-up life

≥100 Sv

Integral nonlinearity

±1% max.

Number of ADC channels


Protection class



USB / RS 232 / RS 485

Power supply

For USB and RS 232 interfaces:

from USB port of personal computer or other device

For RS 485 interface:

Direct current power source with voltage range from 6,5 V to 32 V

Mean operating life

≥15 years

Operation temperature range

0°С ... 40°С

Relative air humidity with air temperature ≤30°С without condensation



Ø200х390 mm


30 kg

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice