Radionuclide Identification Devices (RIDs)

Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) is a compact instrument for rapid detection of radiation materials and sources with natural, medical, industrial radionuclide identification function.

AТ6101 and AT6101B Portable multifunction scintillation gamma spectrometers can be used in laboratories as well as for working in field conditions. Main spectrometer function is radionuclide identification (natural, medical, industrial) without connection to a PC. Additional functionality: search and detection of radioactivity sources and dose rate measurement.

Portable multifunctional radiation monitoring devices, primarily designed for search and detection of gamma radiation sources with automatic identification of radionuclide composition.

Can be used for area and land radiation monitoring with data GPS-referencing. АТ6102 model can detect neutron radiation and measure neutron count rate.