AT1135 Portable Radiometric Laboratory

AT1135 Portable Radiometric Laboratory is a hand-carried measurement instrument of spectrometric type and is designed to determine relative activity of 134Cs, 137Cs and 40K gamma-emitting radionuclides in food products as well as in-situ measurement of ambient gamma radiation dose rate equivalent.

The unit has scintillation detector with NaI(Tl) crystal Ø25x40mm size inside lead protection. The Unit automatically checks sample radionuclide content during sample radiometric radionuclide monitoring. The identification results are used for sample radionuclides activity calculation. Gamma ray instrument spectra are processed in "HomeRadLab" Software.

When the unit is in dosimetry mode (Detection unit is not covered by lead protection) highly sensitive detector delivers instant response to the slightest ambient radiation level change relative to natural radiation background and its correct measurement.

All measurements and processing results are displayed on PC monitor in real-time.


Scintillator, NaI(Tl) 25x40mm

Registered gamma radiation energy range

50...1500 keV

Radionuclide specific activity measurement ranges for samples with 1 g/cm3 density (measurement geometry: 0.5-litre Marinelli beaker)



25...1105 Bq/kg


25...1105 Bq/kg


360...2104 Bq/kg

Intrinsic relative error of 134Cs, 137Cs and 40K specific activity measurement

±30% max.

Measured sample density range

0.5...1.5 g/cm3

Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate measuring range (Detection unit is not covered by lead protection)


Intrinsic relative error of gamma-radiation dose rate measurement

20% max.

Energy dependence for ambient gamma radiation dose rate equivalent measurement

±20% max.

Relative energy resolution for 137Cs

9% max.

Maximum input statistical load

≥5·104 s-1

Number of ADC channels


Operation mode setup time

≤20 min

Continuous run time

≥24 h

Working temperature range


Relative air humidity with temperature ≤35°C without condensation

≤75 %

Protection class


Connection to PC


Overall dimensions, weight


          Detection unit

60296mm, 0.6kg

          Protection unit

200200437mm, 13kg

          USB-DU adapter

955133mm, 0.1kg

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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