AT2327 Alarm Dosimeter (Vehicle Radiation Monitors)

Automatic stationary solution for continuous radiation monitoring designed to detect sources of gamma and neutron radiation in vehicles crossing access control points.


  • Access control points
  • Public utility companies for solid domestic waste disposal
  • Scrap metal salvage and reprocessing facilities and smelters
  • Nuclear industry facilities


  • Automatic switching from background radiation measurement to detection when control zone line is crossed by a passing vehicle
  • Rear semisphere of smart probes is screened by lead plates
  • Automatic correction of set threshold levels according to changes in natural radiation background
  • Sound and light alarm for exceeded threshold levels
  • Self-testing of components during operation
  • Severe operating conditions
  • Count rate levels and cases of threshold crossing are automatically recorded into the history log
  • Backup power supply with a fully charged battery can provide continuous operation for up to 6 hours (4 smart probes)


Operating principle of vehicle radiation monitor is based on detection units, which detect gamma and neutron radiation. One or two detection units are located and wired inside a cabinet to form a measurement device. Measurement devices are mounted on posts arranged on both sides of vehicle passage lane. Two or one measurement device are mounted on each side of the passage depending on external dimensions of vehicles to control.
After initialization the alarm dosimeter switches to natural radiation background measurement mode. This procedure is indicated by a yellow light on Alarm unit. When this measurement procedure is over the count rate threshold levels is calculated and a green indicator lights when the alarm dosimeter is ready for operation.
When a moving vehicle crosses the control zone line, it breaks the beam from the IR emitter to the photoelectric detector IR receiver, and all detection units are automatically switched from the background measurement mode to the detection mode. Count rate data from each detection unit in detection mode is transferred through RS485 interface to a remote control panel, which is located in a control room.
When the set count rate threshold level is exceeded the audio and red light alarm is actuated on the Alarm unit to inform the staff about gamma or neutron radiation source detection.
In case of malfunction of one or multiple detection units the radiation monitor recalculates threshold levels for the rest detection units.
Control panel is used for setting threshold calculation parameters for each detection unit, controlling detection units state, correcting real-time clock, password protection of selected functions, viewing count rate fluctuation history and threshold levels crossing in each reference point.


АТ2327 Alarm dosimeter is listed in national registries of measurement instruments of Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
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