GARM Software is designed to display geo-referenced results of measurement.
ATMA Software can be used as an alternative for processing unit and is designed to display the results of volumetric and specific activity measurement in gamma-emitting 131I,134Cs, 137Cs, 40K, 226Ra, and 232Th radionuclides in selected geometries.

FoodMon Software is designed to work with AT1125 Radiation monitor in radiometric and spectrometric modes.


ATexch Software is designed to display dosimetric, radiometric and spectrometric values, measured by portable dosimeters, radiation monitors and external detection units.


AT6101DR Software is designed for controlling AT6101DR Spectrometer operation modes, processing and displaying measurement results on HPC screen, saving data into HPC memory.


RadSearcher manager Software is designed to connect AT1321 Spectrometer with a PC via USB interface or Bluetooth wireless interface.


SPTR Software is designed for controlling operation modes of AT1315 Gamma and beta radiation spectrometer, displaying and processing spectrometric and radiometric data.


Dosimetric Control Software is used for controlling dosimetric monitoring system for automatic registration and control of staff personal doses.


AT05M Manager is designed for controlling operation modes of AT05M Neutron search device, displaying radiometric data and history of radiation detection


SICH1316A Software is designed to control operation modes of AT1316A Whole body counter, displaying and processing spectrometric and radiometric data.


SARK2 is intended for operation of AT2327 Alarm dosimeters as part of an automatic monitoring system during automatic site radiation monitoring activities.


ATAS/ATAS Lite is designed to control detection units (DU) and spectrometers when connected to a PC.

ATAS Software unlike ATAS Lite Software has advanced spectra processing functionality and can identify radionuclide composition, given radionuclide library is present.


AT1320M Software can be used as an alternative for a processing unit and is designed to process and display the results of 51Cr, 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 125I, 131I and 201Tl radionuclide volume activity measurement in liquid radioactive waste in selected geometries.


ATAS Scanner Mobile Software is intended for operating AT6101C Scintillation portable radiation scanner.


SpeсtEx is an application for collection and analysis of gamma spectrometry data designed to synchronize with AT1321 & АТ6102 spectrometers.
This is a user-friendly and intuitive software, suitable for a wide range of users with minimal training.
Powerful features in combination with high accessibility make SpeсtEx an ideal software solution. SpeсtEx fully supports ATAS Lite and RаdSeаrсher Manager functions.