Fukushima children tour of "АТОМТЕХ"

In the framework of annual project for rehabilitation of children from Fukushima Prefecture in National Children's educational and health-improving center "Zubrenok" a field tour of "АТОМТЕХ" SPE was held on 4th August 2015.

During this tour children become familiar with various radiation survey and monitoring instruments from "АТОМТЕХ". Our products are well known in Japan and are widely utilized for "Fukushima" NPP accident management.

Operation of AT1316 Whole body counter
The equipment is designed
to measure radionuclide activity
in human body
Visit of T. Nagao and T. Hashimoto
in April 2015

The tour was organized with the participation of Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Japan, T. Nagao, member of council of Fukushima Prefecture, chairman of standing committee of Fukushima Prefecture government in the fields of trade, industry, labor and education, as well as T. Hashimoto, head of public organization "Ongaku-no Mori".