AT300 X-ray Calibration System

Reference X-ray calibration system is designed to simulate and transmit units of air kerma, exposure dose, ambient dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent and their respective rates of X-ray radiation into working standards and measurement instruments during verification, calibration and tests.

Metrology support of X-ray dosimetry:
  • Verification and calibration in metrology service facilities
  • Calibration procedures in Secondary Standard Dosimeter Laboratories (SSDL)
  • Calibration of measurement instruments in the process of development, manufacturing and production
  • Applied metrology
Operating principle
The system is based on industrial X-ray units with metal-ceramic tubes.
The system implements irradiation setup with fixed irradiator and calibration bench on linear travelling platform.
The set of generated radiation qualities is assigned by X-ray unit parameters and filter settings. Irradiation field size can be changed by varying the "focus-detector" distance or diameter of diaphragm. Automatic operation of irradiator and bench is remotely controlled from operator room.
  • Capability to work with one or two X-ray sources in one system
  • Fields of X-ray radiation are generated to requirements of GOST 8.087-2000, ISO 4037, IEC 61267 and CCRI.
  • Program control of shutter movement and filter selection
  • Interchangeable disks with 11 sockets for filters
  • Easy installation of three replaceable diaphragms without dismantling
  • HVL measurement assembly
  • Program 3D control of platform positioning in automatic or manual mode with position storing and restoring option
  • Control system on the basis of personal computer and operator panel with automated calibration functions
  • Detector alignment in radiation beam by lasers and calibrated gauge bars
  • Readout by video system or instrument interface
  • Alarm and interlocks system for safety control
  • Control of radiation environment in working chamber and adjacent premises
  • Video surveillance of working chamber room
  • Safe braking and travel limiting functions for moving platform
  • Emergency power source
  • Layout design and calculation of radiation parameters applicable to client's premises
X-ray unit:
GE Inspection Technologies
Key features of ISOVOLT Titan series: 
  • High stability
  • High accuracy of preset parameters
  • Minimal pulsations
  • Smart training of X-ray tube
  • Large LCD display
  • Friendly text messages in sixteen languages
  • Strong and rugged construction
  • Time-proved reliability
  • Systems integration over RS232C interface. Options: RS422 or RS 485 / Profibus (EN 50170) / Ethernet
  • Remote control up to 100 m
ISOVOLT Titan 225
Tube type 225М2 0.4-3.0 225М2 0.4-1.5 225МM2 0.2
Max. tube voltage (kV) 225 225 225
Maximum anode dissipation (W) 3000/640 1600/640 320
Tube current (mA) (at maximum tube voltage) 13/2.8 7/2.8 2.8
Nominal focal spot (IЕС 336) 3.0/0.4 1.5/0.4 0.2
Focal spot size EN 12 543 (mm) 5.5/1.00 3.0/1.00 ≤ 0.5
Filtration (mm) 1.0 Be 1.0 Be 1.0 Be
Emergent beam angle 40° 40° 20° x 40°
Weight (kg) 11.9 11.9 11.9

ISOVOLT Titan 320
Tube type 320 - 13 320 - 7 MXR 320 26 MXR 320 23
Max. tube voltage (kV) 320 320 320 320
Maximum anode dissipation (W) 4200/1680 2240/960 4200/1500 1600/640
Tube current (mA) (at maximum tube voltage) 13/5 7/3 13/4.5 5/2
Nominal focal spot (IЕС 336) 3.5/1.5 1.5/0.8 4.0/1.5 1.8/0.8
Focal spot size EN 12 543 (mm) 6.3/3.0 3.6/1.9 5.5/3.0 3.6/1.9
Filtration (mm) 7.0 Be 7.0 Be 3.0 Be 3.0 Be
Emergent beam angle 40° 20° x 40° 40° 40°
Weight (kg) 35 35 40 40

X-ray Irradiator
X-ray irradiator is a complete device, which can be integrated into an external system.

The construction enables alignment of components for X-ray field shaping to ensure beam straightness and minimize the penumbra effect.

Interchangeable filters assembly in irradiator ensures remote positioning of interchangeable disks with eleven filters in each to cover the X-ray beam with selected filter.

There is a tray for additional filters with maximum thickness up to 50 mm (for bipolar X-Ray tubes).

There is a place to mount a monitor chamber in radiation beam protected from scattered radiation.

The tungsten shutter closes the X-ray beam with not less than 0.1% weakening. Shutter close/open time does not exceed 0.2 s.

The diameter of X-ray field at the distance of 2500 mm is not less than 400 mm. Intermediate apertures can be made in accordance with customer requirements.

The height of X-ray beam axis above floor level is 1200±20 mm.

Shielded cabinet ensures acceptable levels leakage of radiation.

Calibration Bench
Positioning control system provides simultaneous operation of one or two X-ray irradiators mounted on the bench table.
Automatic positioning of working table in X, Y and Z axis with position storing function.
The system is designed to hold standard and calibrated measurement instruments on working table and control its position in X-ray beams.
Travel reproducibility of working table for:
            ▪ Longitudinal travel (along X axis)                 Not above 0.02 mm
            ▪ Transverse travel (along Y axis)                  Not above 0.05 mm
            ▪ Vertical travel (along Z axis)                        Not above 0.05 mm.
Minimum travel step resolution of working table for:
            ▪ Longitudinal travel (along X axis)                 Not above 0.005 mm
            ▪ Transverse travel (along Y axis)                  Not above 0.01 mm
            ▪ Vertical travel (along Z axis)                       Not above 0.01 mm.
Longitudinal radiation axis height of X-ray beams above floor level is (1200 + 100) mm.
Travel range of working table:
            ▪ Along radiation beam axis (Х axis)            0 – 2300 mm
            ▪ Across radiation beam axis:
                 – In horizontal direction (Y axis)                  0 – 1120 mm
                 – In vertical direction (Z axis)                       0 – 200 mm
            ▪ Around vertical axis 360° with 15° increments (Accessory pivot table is used).

Design and specifications are subject to change 
Industrial X-Ray equipment ISOVOLT 320 M2 / 4.5-13 and/or 225М2 0.4-3.0,
including high voltage generator, Metal-ceramic tube, cooling system, installation kitand spare parts.
Calibration Bench:
– Positioning system
– Control unit
– Operator panel
– Switch box
– Alarm device
– Uninterruptible power source
– Cables kit
– Installation kit
– Spare parts
X-Ray irradiator:
– Irradiator, including base, tube support, shutter, carrousel assembly, apertures assembly, shielding cabinet, alarm device
– Control unit
– Operator panel
– Accessories kit, including HVL measurement assembly.
– Cables kit
– Spare parts
▪ Readouts video system
▪ Video surveillance system
▪ Junction box
▪ Laser assignment system
▪ Radiation monitoring system AT2327
▪ Monitor chamber with AT5350/1 Standard Dosimeter
▪ Temperature meter (dual channel)
▪ Metal filters set
▪ Accessories kit
▪ PC
▪ Cables kit
▪ Installation kit
▪ Spare parts
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