New SpectEx Software!

We just unleashed a new software product "SpeсtEx"!

SpeсtEx is an application for collection and analysis of gamma spectrometry data designed to synchronize with AT1321 & АТ6102 spectrometers.
This is a user-friendly and intuitive software, suitable for a wide range of users with minimal training.

Powerful features in combination with high accessibility make SpeсtEx an ideal software solution. SpeсtEx fully supports ATAS Lite and RаdSeаrсher Manager functions.

It can upload spectrum files, logs and impulse count rate files from measurement instrument to PC.

USB or Bluetooth interface is used for connection to instrument.

You can acquire, view, process and store gamma-radiation spectra on PC, as well as identify radionuclides in acquired spectrum in real-time. SpeсtEx displays current gamma radiation dose rate and impulse count rate values measured by NaI(Tl) detector.

With connected АТ6102 or АТ1321 SpeсtEx displays current dose rate and impulse count rate values from internal Geiger-Muller counter tubes.

AT6102 with connected external smart probes also displays dose rate and impulse count rate values for neutron radiation, as well as alpha and beta particle flux density.

SpeсtEx can be used to backup instrument system files and to recover it in case of emergency, as well as to add necessary custom radionuclide libraries.

We further added remote control feature and settable date and time, memory clearing and screenshot functions right on the instrument.