"ATOMTEX" took part in the 8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery MILEX-2017, one of the most recognised and large-scale exhibitions, which is held in Republic of Belarus. It is one of the largest exhibitions in the Eastern European region according to participants' composition and scale.
         Our part in this significant event gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our latest developments in the field of security, such as AT6103 Mobile radiation scanning system with new highly sensitive detection units, area monitor for pulsed radiation, BARK-AT103 detection device for using on board unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as a new range of intelligent detection units.

         We drew attention of our guests to new functionalities of such highly-marketed devices, as AT1117M Radiation monitor and AT6101C Spectrometer.
         We also presented a report "Smart sensors for small-sized unmanned systems" at the scientific conference, held during the exhibition.